In terms of engines, cylinder heads themselves are tops cylinder engine block or cylinder head simply. This is a system element located on top of vehicle engines internal combustion. In particular, allow the passage remains closed to the chambers where the combustion process occurs.

The cylinder heads are composed of aluminum or cast iron and are joined to the motor by a gasket and screws; you need to know about this system should allow rapid cooling of the area where they are located.

Function butt

Basically the butt is an element that allows the engine cylinders are sealed before combustion to prevent compression loss. Further according to the type of combustion material, whether gasoline or diesel; can function to support the plugs, the camshaft, water coolant passages, the intake valve and exhaust.

These covers are very subject to the engine so that the sealing process is very strong; for it head gaskets, which must be composed of flexible materials and high heat resistance are used.

Commercial Blaspa in multibrand workshop, we have the technology and products more appropriate to the make and model of vehicle you need; we are also in a position to meet their requirements as requested by the customer.

Experts remind you to watch for any sign that your car emits as a sign that needed rectifying cylinder head. For example, one of the classic notices that indicate a possible repair is the appearance of white smoke so finds in exhaust emissions, this situation occurs because the stock is registered a break that allowed the passage of water at the time combustion.

When the planned yokes is required, it is also possible that these elements emit similar to a strong and constant pounding on the motor head sound.


Planned is a service we provide engines to give proper treatment to their characteristics and internal factors of each vehicle.

The rectification of these elements is a modern generation process, which allows a new opportunity for the engines are put back in top condition.

The role within the engine cylinder heads it is very important to preserve the life of this vital organ in everyday cars, freight vehicles, collectors and racing cars; therefore, for all these and many more, in Blaspa Commercial availability multiservice workshop to perform the necessary correction.

The cylinder heads planned process begins with dismantling and cleaning of these, in order to perform a check of its dimensions. The next step which is performed is to verify the presence of any cracks in the surface of the cylinder heads, for it is subjected to high temperatures.

The cylinder heads that yield positive results in localizing cracks tend to be discarded, but these seats are ground so that their height can be raised and then anneal steel.

However, the process of cylinder heads planned as such is a technique to flatten the cylinder heads according to the dimensions you originally had.

To do this, the engine experts that perform this operation using the most advanced tools, which allow pathways hostel align camshaft with extreme precision.

According to customer needs, the process of rectifying cylinder head allows the components of this system are new and come together again before the assembly after completion of the rectification.

The planned yokes can be performed completely, which includes the camshaft or naked, as is known to the process that allows repair yokes separately.


When specialists receive repair instructions cylinder heads, immediately begin to work according to the following:

The first thing that is done is the removal of the cylinder heads

the pressure test is then executed

The following is brushing surfaces

the valve guides and seats are changed rectified, including manufacturing.

We proceed to knurl guides and repair cracks

Then performs the ceramic coating

We proceed to the reconstruction of the cylinder heads in accordance with the Proporta

rectification camshaft, spark plugs rocks and changing nozzle caps and pre-chambers runs.