Workshop in Business Blaspa Multimarca work in a service of General Mechanics comprehensive car. To do this we take care of the following key sections:

  • Distribution systems
  • yokes
  • clutches
  • Oil changes, tires, etc.
  • Engine
  • Injection system
  • Transmissions and differential
  • Escapes, catalysts and pollution control systems
  • Supercharger systems: turbochargers



The good condition of the tires is vital for safety. Commercial Blaspa in multibrand Workshop we specialize in control and selection of the most suitable to your tires. We have the best tire brands and we have the expertise of our professionals. To do this we have the following services:

  • Tire Consulting
  • Tire puncture repair
  • Substitutions tire
  • Balanced tire
  • Alignments of tires


Proper alignment of 4-wheel drive prevents faults ensures optimum performance and the best performance of your vehicle. It also promotes adhesion, road safety, performance and fuel economy, reducing CO2 emissions of the car.


Alignment with the original geometric conditions of the wheels are reset by measurements and high precision adjustments. Proper alignment provides directional stability to the vehicle, prevents malfunction of the car and extends the life of wheels and tires.

In addition, to help reduce CO2 emissions. We recommend checking the alignment at least once a year and every time you go to buy new tires. Also must bring the vehicle to our workshops machinery when:

– An abnormal tire wear is noted.
– The tire has recently received a strong impact, such as a curb or pothole.
– The adhesion of the wheels to the road is decreasing.

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Commercial Blaspa Workshop in multibrand, one of our qualified technicians can check the alignment of your vehicle and adjust geometry dimensions according to the specifications of your fabricante.Porque good alignment gives you greater road safety and extends the life of the wheels and tires.


For a previous diagnosis of car and avoid repairs to your vehicle, we have multibrand diagnosis equipment and software have specific technical information with reference data for more detailed and effective verification. Commercial Blaspa Workshop in multibrand make a complete diagnosis of the following elements:

  • Engine Management
  • automatic transmissions
  • Wheel drive systems
  • Security systems active and passive
  • Comfort Systems
  • antipollution systems






Before the official car review (ITV), we detect anomalies that the vehicle may have in passive safety, active safety and combustion. So, we provide an estimate of possible interventions to successfully pass inspection.
With pre-ITV Commercial Workshop Blaspa review multibrand you save time and money. In addition (if you prefer) ITV spent your vehicle for you for your convenience.

How do we do it?

  • Review of passive car safety: seat belts, safety restraint system (airbag), mirrors, moons, lighting, gaps in management and kneecaps.
  • Active safety review of car: brakes, anti-lock braking systems, traction control and stability (ABS, ESP, ASR, DSC …), dampers and suspension.
  • Review combustion car: measuring vehicle pollutant emission.


The braking system of your vehicle must always be in perfect condition to guarantee safe driving. Therefore, we conducted a comprehensive review of the entire braking system. safety first. Very important to pay attention to:

  • Replacing brake discs and pads
  • Diagnosis of ABS systems



The battery is responsible for providing the electrical power needed to start the engine and automobile accessories. Minimum care and periodic review of the car battery ensure proper operation and delay the battery change.


A battery stores electrical energy as electrochemical to provide vehicle demand. It is based on a system of charge / discharge in which a liquid stored electricity in the form of electrons then loses progressively to a current set.
All components of a vehicle are powered by electricity from the battery, from the headlights or turn signals, to the motor that rotates the wheels of the car. Engine operation allows the battery recharged continuously follow.
In a battery we find a series of data that we determine its particular characteristics, these will vary depending on the type of vehicle. Example: 12v 45Ah 300A
– The voltage (12V) which reports on the rated voltage.
– The Amps (45 Ah) measured in Amperes per hour, which is the energy it provides.
– Starting power (300A) informs us about the energy peak offered at startup.
These features vary depending on the vehicle: if gasoline or diesel, if you have a large displacement engine or not, or if you use lots of electrical accessories. It is important to know these characteristics are used to choose the best battery


  • No recharge despite having been in operation the engine
  • If you have corrosion or deformation.
  • The engine takes to boot more than usual.
  • The alternator and voltage regulator show wear.
  • After a frost, the vehicle will not start or is slow to boot.


Especially in adverse weather conditions, batteries may behave normally. Low temperatures reduce their effectiveness and humidity in some of its parts can cause loss of power to reverse its capacity.



Commercial Blaspa Multimarca Workshop has a wide range of parts and accessories for vehicles. Simply you have the parts you need.



If you suffer a puncture, specialists Commercial Workshop Blaspa multibrand are there to check the tire for you and for repair, if deemed appropriate, in a professional and safe manner.

What I can do to avoid a puncture?

Most punctures can not be prevented, but some of these suggestions may help reduce the risk:

Periodically check the tread of the tire in case there is embedded glass or foreign material.
Make sure your tires are inflated to the proper pressure and do not forget to check the spare wheel.
How I can know that something is wrong?

In case of a slow air loss, it can be visually detected (a tire is more “low” than the others) or pueder be “sense” while driving (vehicle behavior varies gradually).

In the event of a sudden loss of air, immediately it manifests a loss of control at the wheel. Slow down, while holding the steering wheel firmly, until completely stop the vehicle and replace the tire as soon as possible.

If your vehicle is equipped with a Monitoring System Tire Pressure (TPMS), the system alerts you when a loss of pressure in any tire occurs.

If your vehicle is equipped with run-flat tires, you can still control the vehicle when a sudden loss of pressure occurs. RFT tires allow the vehicle to move at a speed of 80 kph for about 80 km. away.

What should I do if I think I’ve had a puncture?

The first step: always visit a professional.

For your own safety and to avoid further damage to the tire, wheel or your own vehicle, you must stop the vehicle as soon as possible, replace the flat tire and get closer to our workshop.

If your vehicle is equipped with Run Flat tires, reinforced sidewall of these tires will allow you to drive safely at a limited speed and distance.

However, also in case of a run-flat tire, we recommend going to our center for your tire can be inspected and repaired or replaced, if necessary.


Balancing is a process designed to eliminate vibration of the wheel rolling, preventing them end up transmitting these vibrations to the direction and the wheel.

In addition, a balanced correct prevents premature tire wear, organ suspension, steering and bearings.

  What does it consist of?

It involves placing weights on the rim ensuring uniform across the surface filming.

Commercial Blaspa in multibrand workshop, we have the need for a proper balance of your tires and so get them roll evenly and vibration equipment.


The dampers are one of the many security features of your vehicle. Maintain contact wheel on the road, thus provide greater adherence vehicle, thus contributing to their safety and driving comfort.

The dampers are not visible, which makes them more difficult to control. The driver can get used to the gradual wear your shocks and compensate for this loss of efficiency gradually changing their driving style, often without realizing it.

In addition dampers in poor condition accelerate the wear of other parts of the vehicle suspension springs, universal joints, differential, tires, etc …

A used damper produces a significant change in the stability of your car: increased stopping distance, aquaplaning, displacement due to wind or when crossing a truck …

It is advisable to revise the approximately 50,000 km and, thereafter, every 20,000 km. Blaspa pass by Commercial Workshop multibrand and our specialists will inform you of their status and when to change them.

If you notice that your vehicle has lost stability, come to our center. Our specialists will offer:

  • A review and diagnosis of the dampers as well as other security elements, such as tires and brakes.
  • A bid on cushions adapted to your needs, if the change is necessary.


The review is performed according to specifications car check book. We have databases of all manufacturers.

These databases indicate interventions to be performed:

  • Oil change (oil accordance with the rules of the manufacturers).
  • Changes to be performed (filters, spark plugs, timing belt, refrigerant gas).
  • electronic diagnostics.
  • Controls: Indicates the moments of change and wear safety parts.

Maintenance plans provide, also, specific time frames on weatherization, replacing the timing belt, particulate filters and automatic gearboxes.

  • Weatherization Program.
  • Timing belts.
  • Particulate filter.
  • Automatic gearboxes.

For optimum performance of your vehicle, the review is carried out according to specifications Book maintenance of your car.

You know that you are free to decide the workshop that deals with the maintenance of your vehicle, from day one, without losing the OFFICIAL manufacturer’s warranty?

This is stipulated in Regulation of the European Commission No. 461/2010, which effectively reinforces, free competition in the market for auto maintenance in all countries of the European Union. This text provides two important advances in favor of the consumer:

  • Guarantees free choice of auto shop with regard to vehicle maintenance. Even when the car is within the warranty period
  • Requires manufacturers to provide professionals involved in car repair, all the characteristics of vehicles, suppliers and the parts needed to repair.

With the revision we can seal the book keeping of your car, thus restoring their freedom, in complete safety.

Electronic diagnosis Multimarca
Most vehicles manufactured from 2000, include an electronic box that improves performance, while ensuring safety and comfort during driving.

A simple electronic fault, can lead to immobilization of your vehicle. For this reason, we make an electronic diagnosis in each review (read computer codes self).

Our center has multibrand electronic diagnostic tools that allow us to perform maintenance of any vehicle. Blaspa commercial multibrand workshop is synonymous with experience.

The Review is a guarantee of quality work done by professional experts.

Why pay more if we can do?
Our teams carried out carefully any operation that is recommended in the manufacturer’s specifications. We conducted the review of your car exactly as you would your manufacturer.

Free and immediate budget: we advise you personally about changes and controls your vehicle needs to know in advance the cost of the operation. When leaving your car knows exactly how much it will cost the review.

Transparency: We promise that bill and budget match completely.


The timing belt ensures synchronization of mechanical systems: valves, pistons, camshafts.
Rupture of this piece carries, per system, serious engine damage.

The timing belt should be replaced preventively necessarily as recommended by the manufacturer. Their longevity varies and ranges from 60,000 to 160,000 km. Their life expectancy is also temporary: 5 to 7 years even if not exceeded the expected mileage.

Do not you know when you have to change the timing belt or how much it will cost?

Commercial Blaspa Workshop in multibrand can make the change of the timing belt of your car. Come and contrast the frequency of replacement of the timing belt in the database available with detailed information from manufacturers.

We also produce a free quote and perform the operation only and exclusively with approved parts. Our technical specialists perform a quality operation quickly, thus reducing the downtime of your vehicle.



The clutch is an essential part drive your vehicle to change gears, of course, but also and above all, to convey to the wheels engine power.

The clutch system is composed of several technical components that wear out over time and kilometer by kilometer.

However, some situations are more demanding than others:

  • Traffic jams.
  • Overloading the vehicle.
  • Hill-start.
  • Driving with a trailer or caravan.
  • Use engine braking on descents.

Symptoms of a worn clutch:

  • Gear changes difficult.
  • Pedal very soft or very hard clutch.
  • Slipping the clutch.
  • Unusual noises or vibrations.

As soon as there the slightest doubt about the proper operation of your clutch, immediately consult Blaspa multibrand Commercial Workshop. After a complete check, we shall advise and change, if necessary, one or more system components clutch: clutch kit, control system, dual-mass flywheel …



In terms of engines, cylinder heads themselves are tops cylinder engine block or cylinder head simply. This is a system element located on top of vehicle engines internal combustion. In particular, allow the passage remains closed to the chambers where the combustion process occurs.

The cylinder heads are composed of aluminum or cast iron and are joined to the motor by a gasket and screws; you need to know about this system should allow rapid cooling of the area where they are located.

Function butt

Basically the butt is an element that allows the engine cylinders are sealed before combustion to prevent compression loss. Further according to the type of combustion material, whether gasoline or diesel; can function to support the plugs, the camshaft, water coolant passages, the intake valve and exhaust.

These covers are very subject to the engine so that the sealing process is very strong; for it head gaskets, which must be composed of flexible materials and high heat resistance are used.

Commercial Blaspa in multibrand workshop, we have the technology and products more appropriate to the make and model of vehicle you need; we are also in a position to meet their requirements as requested by the customer.

Experts remind you to watch for any sign that your car emits as a sign that needed rectifying cylinder head. For example, one of the classic notices that indicate a possible repair is the appearance of white smoke so finds in exhaust emissions, this situation occurs because the stock is registered a break that allowed the passage of water at the time combustion.

When the planned yokes is required, it is also possible that these elements emit similar to a strong and constant pounding on the motor head sound.


Planned is a service we provide engines to give proper treatment to their characteristics and internal factors of each vehicle.

The rectification of these elements is a modern generation process, which allows a new opportunity for the engines are put back in top condition.

The role within the engine cylinder heads it is very important to preserve the life of this vital organ in everyday cars, freight vehicles, collectors and racing cars; therefore, for all these and many more, in Blaspa Commercial availability multiservice workshop to perform the necessary correction.

The cylinder heads planned process begins with dismantling and cleaning of these, in order to perform a check of its dimensions. The next step which is performed is to verify the presence of any cracks in the surface of the cylinder heads, for it is subjected to high temperatures.

The cylinder heads that yield positive results in localizing cracks tend to be discarded, but these seats are ground so that their height can be raised and then anneal steel.

However, the process of cylinder heads planned as such is a technique to flatten the cylinder heads according to the dimensions you originally had.

To do this, the engine experts that perform this operation using the most advanced tools, which allow pathways hostel align camshaft with extreme precision.

According to customer needs, the process of rectifying cylinder head allows the components of this system are new and come together again before the assembly after completion of the rectification.

The planned yokes can be performed completely, which includes the camshaft or naked, as is known to the process that allows repair yokes separately.


When specialists receive repair instructions cylinder heads, immediately begin to work according to the following:

The first thing that is done is the removal of the cylinder heads

the pressure test is then executed

The following is brushing surfaces

the valve guides and seats are changed rectified, including manufacturing.

We proceed to knurl guides and repair cracks

Then performs the ceramic coating

We proceed to the reconstruction of the cylinder heads in accordance with the Proporta

rectification camshaft, spark plugs rocks and changing nozzle caps and pre-chambers runs.



We have the latest technology to control various repairs and adjustments on all injection equipment, including new technologies VP, US, Common Rail and other systems.

Repair and control of automotive electrical equipment such as alternators, starters, etc.

We have an extensive career in diesel and gasoline injection, rotary pumps, etc.

Our staff is highly qualified to handle any electrical product injection or your car.



Oil lubricates all protects internal engine parts. It should be changed at least once a year or as recommended by the manufacturer. Because of the great importance of the oil change work with the best brands in the market for engines to have the best possible lubrication