The clutch is an essential part drive your vehicle to change gears, of course, but also and above all, to convey to the wheels engine power.

The clutch system is composed of several technical components that wear out over time and kilometer by kilometer.

However, some situations are more demanding than others:

  • Traffic jams.
  • Overloading the vehicle.
  • Hill-start.
  • Driving with a trailer or caravan.
  • Use engine braking on descents.

Symptoms of a worn clutch:

  • Gear changes difficult.
  • Pedal very soft or very hard clutch.
  • Slipping the clutch.
  • Unusual noises or vibrations.

As soon as there the slightest doubt about the proper operation of your clutch, immediately consult Blaspa multibrand Commercial Workshop. After a complete check, we shall advise and change, if necessary, one or more system components clutch: clutch kit, control system, dual-mass flywheel …