Commercial Blaspa, SL, is constituted as a limited company in September 2002, to continue the business of selling paintings, spare parts and car accessories developed in the Canary island Flick, a company that gives the representation of its products to its delegate La Palma, Blas José de Paz de la Cruz, founder and Commercial Manager Blaspa, SL


Since its inception, with the entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes with his team and the good acceptance of all customers, Commercial Blaspa, SL has become distribution company Sikkens brand paints in La Palma, supporting all body shops on the island, as well as representing and distributing different brands of well recognized in the market spare parts and tires.


With the change that occurs in the markets and the apparent demand of our customers, this company from palm embryo just starting in 2005 by opening a small workshop dedicated to rapid mechanical and vehicle maintenance as well as replacing and sale of tires.


In 2012 we moved to modern facilities in Mill Business Park, where the facilities are extended passing a ship 200 meters to about 600 meters, in these new and modern facilities storage capacity of all increases our products, paints, spare parts, batteries, lubricants, tires, etc., we challenge the administration offices and commercial, as well as the installation of a modern multi-machine shop where we offer our clients a comprehensive service and maintenance mechanics repairing your car, where we recognized professionals and our main objective to offer a personalized service, guaranteed to all our work done to achieve maximum satisfaction and trust of our customers.


In Blaspa factory marking, we offer our customers the ability to perform all maintenance and repairs that your vehicle needs, with an area of ​​extensive workshop with machinery and equipment brake diagnosis meter, gas analyzer, etc, suitable for proper assessment of the needs of your vehicle.


All our professional team are on hand to take care of your vehicle, meeting their demands and making a preliminary assessment of the state of the fault as well as the other security features of your vehicle, always ensuring maximum safety on road our clients. We will provide a preliminary estimate before any repair on your vehicle to replace parts, necessary labor time and estimated delivery time, you authorize before starting work.


Environmental Commitment


Blaspa multi Workshop, is committed to the environment, for it is attached to the different systems of waste collection, Sigaus (lubricants), Tneu, Signus (tires), whose mission is to ensure adequate treatment of used tires, since It generated, until it ceases to be waste to become a material new use for new markets. Blaspa factory marking, complies with the regulations of waste and contaminated soil treatment, with the aim of improving the quality of our environment and contribute to our future generations will inherit a greener world.