A significant percentage of vehicles not get to spend the ITV deficiencies in the braking system. Since it is one of the most important safety elements, are a few tricks to keep the brakes in good condition.

  1. Every person and vehicle are different. Depending on the type of driving, the car will be exposed to more or less wear of its various components. If your car suffers constantly braking effort, it is advisable to check the brakes more often.

  2.  Shifting gears before braking. It is preferable to use the gearbox and not abuse both brakes to prevent them heated. And they will remain in good condition for longer.

  3.  Watch for signs that your car emits. Today, most cars include a warning system for brake wear. When you see a pilot lights on the instrument you should know interpret and act accordingly.

  4.  ¿Pressing the brake notes a small vibration? If this happens, you should check the brake pads and brake discs are in good condition. This vibration, when we stop at a high speed, you may indicate that some part of the brake system is wrong or perhaps there is an imbalance between the four wheels or brake discs are curved.

  5.  If you have to stomp to stop. In this case it is likely that the brake pads or discs are damaged. It is important to change them as soon as possible because, despite how strong pisemos not get the car brake properly.

  6.  What if the brake pedal sinks underfoot? If you’ve noticed this, it may be due to a leak in the brake circuit well or the pads are too worn. Other reasons may be leaks in the brake circuit, air in the system or brake fluid low, inadequate or contaminated.

  7.  Identify noise. If you hear a screeching brake noise can be because you’re finished changing the brake pads without changing discs. Although sometimes it may be a more serious cause and will have to take the car to the shop.

  8.  Worn brakes. It is very important to check the brakes frequently, because if they are worn, the braking distance increases. Remember that if the brake system of our car is not in good condition have a 100% chance of having an accident.

  9.  You choose the brakes. Among all these tricks to keep the brakes in good condition, it is essential to turn to a specialized Blaspa Workshop multibrand diagnose the state of the brake system of your vehicle workshop and will advise on the maintenance and replacement of brake pads and discs as well as other components of the braking system.

  10.  Approved brake pads. Make sure the brake pads boxes include the approval number ECE R-90 assures us that the tablets meet established safety standards.

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